Peter Öjerskog

One week free camping at SOT Hastveda

Free camping is allowed on most SOT areas the night before the driving during 26th Sweden Offroad Tour 3-18.7 2021. The start place, SOT Sagbacken-Hastveda 3.7, is extra generous. Free camping is allowed at the area for one week, 3-8.7! Special places for caravans. The club has some tools and can be helpful with repairs. in new design has completely new design! And with the program and map for 2021. Made by our social media administrator Frida Ericsson. The homepage is more modern, lively, beautiful with high quality photos. Plus a clock counting down the days, hours and minutes when 26th Sweden Offroad Tour 3-18.7 2021 starts! Together with plus … in new design Läs mer »