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Frida & Michel lead SOT 2021

The whole of 26th Sweden Offroad Tour 3-18.7 2021 will be lead by SOT’s administrator of social media: Frida Ericsson and her man Michel Lemcke. They drive both Jeep and ATV and took part in most days on SOT 2020 last summer.

Frida is educated in economics and experienced administrator, also good designer and taking photos with Michel (see offroad pictures on their site ) . Note Frida’s contact: , 046 (0)76 809 33 84

Original tour leader Peter Öjerskog is still stuck in Thailand this summer 2021. A third corona wave has exploded in his new home country. Making it extremely difficult, expensive and unsure to return to Thailand.

Last summer the first 9 days of SOT 2020 were lead by Anders Forsell. He did a better and more ambitious job with SOT than Peter Öjerskog use to do. It will be the same with Frida and Michel.