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5.7 SOT Kristianstad

45 cars and ATV showed up at Monday’s SOT Vånga-Kristianstad. A very good figure for being a weekday. The huge gravel pit with its sandy slopes is very popular with standard cars and ATV and new beginners. Not a nasty stone in sight, only soft gravel and sand, like cottton! You can see on the ATV drivers that many wear their unique blue/yellow SOT T-shirts. Another lovely sunny summer day! Tomorrow Tuesday 6.7 we drive SOT Mölleröd-Hässleholm. For the first time in SOT’s 26 years history we try classic british greenlaning: driving on a myriad av overgrown dirt roads on the huge military field! The partner club Hässleholms Motorklubb Offroad tried this during their 30th anniversary in the beginning of June and it was very successful and popular. We will visit Sweden’s first settlement 14.000 years ago! Lunch is served. Be in time, if you miss the start you miss it all. Camping allowed on site.