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8.7 SOT Värnamo

37 4×4 cars and ATV showed up att Thursday’s SOT Ulås-Värnamo, 30 % more vehicles than last year. Ulås is now six times bigger than before with lots of new trails properly blazed. The day started dry but rain in the afternoon made it muddy and slippery – a typical Swedish summer day and perfect for offroading. For photos and more info see and #swedenoffroadtour2021 . Tomorrow Friday we drive SOT Greppek-Oskarshamn on the Swedish east coast, called “The Sunny Coast”. We are driving east which means lots of new people, cars and ATV. A HUGE area, 27 hectars = 27 football fields, with free driving almost everywhere! Camping and ATV allowed. For lunch the local speciality kroppkakor (“body cakes”) will be served. So far 10 cars have driven the six first SOT days.