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8 cars drove all 16 days on SOT 2021

8 4×4 cars drove all the 16 days and all the way (about 2000 kilometres) on 26th Sweden Offroad Tour 3-18.7 2021! That is a record for SOT. You find them on About the tour, scroll down to the bottom where you find SOT’s Hall of Fame. Because of integrety reason we only write their forenames. To take part one or two days on SOT is a walk inte the park. But 16 offroad days and at least 2000 kilometres is quite an achievement. Normally we have only the tour leader or a few vehicles driving all the SOT days. There are more people who tried but had to give up, the machine or man could not make it. Totally 696 4×4 cars, 6×6 trucks, ATV and UTV from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and England took part in 2021, 35 % more than last year.