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SOT <3 Greenlaning

This year we have a new feature on the tour! Instead of a regular offroad day on Mölleröd in Hässleholm we will have a full day greenlaning in the picturesque Skåne countryside. The day will include rarely used narrow forest tracks and deserted ancient main roads as well as standard gravel roads and is approx 100 kms long. As both private and public roads will be used; your vehicle have to be insured, passed inspection for public roads and be able to drive 70km/h (short distances only).

Those who attended HLMK’s 30th anniversary earlier this year got a preview on what this day will entail and everyone only have good things to say about it. Check out their pictures and comments at Our local partner test drove and decided on the final route (slightly improved) earlier this month and is really existed to bring us along!

We will meet at Möllerörd for the drivers meeting and registration as usual, if you have a trailer you can park it there and for those interested it’s also OK to camp there the night before. It’s important to be on time, since we will not stay at Mölleröd and there will be no driving on the offroad area. We will stop for a lunch break along they way with food service around 1 PM, and we are expected to be back at Möllerörd at 4 PM.

See you guys there for another great day on the tour!