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Why SOT likes cash money

Sometimes Sweden Offroad Tour is critised for being old fashion and only accept cash money – although we accept any currency. This year young modern tour leading lady Frida Ericsson also accept swish payment. But when regular tour leader Peter Öjerskog is back it is only cash money again. The reason is that cash is the safest economical system. Recently a soft ware company in USA was hacked. The company that distributes petrol to Eastern USA had to pay 60 million dollars in ransom to get free. The hacking for example also made that the cash registers of Sweden’s second largest grocery chain did not work and thay had to close for several days loosing 100 million SEK/10 million EURO per day. If the hackers had closed all food stores Swedes had to starve! If SOT had been connected we hade to cancel SOT days. SOT itself could accept a day or two of free driving but the mark owner surely would not. Cash is king!