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Mellbystrand beach closes for cars 2024

Sweden’s only beach that permits driving and parking motor vehicles will be closed for cars and motorcycles from April 2024. That has the beaurocrats of the provincial goverment decided. Mellbystrand, Mellby beach, is located in South West Sweden, near the small town of Laholm. 700 metres of the beach has been open for cars for all ages and is regarded as a local road. There will be a big demonstration against the impopular decision on May 1 01 PM. Driving and especially parking on the beach is very convinient. You do not have to carry your belongings a long way. By forbidding cars on the beach the authorities must build large parking spaces in the pristine sand dunes between the summer houses and the beach. An environmental catastrophe! This show how environmentalists gain power in Sweden. How long will we be able to drive Sweden Offroad Tour? SOT leader Peter Öjerskog has driven on Mellbystrand many times. A fantastic feeling of freedom and beauty on the long sand beach with the sea and horizon by the side. But still you can drive the beach on Western Denmark. All the way from the Northern tip Skagen down to the German border!