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Nyköping Svansta Motor Stadium – Day 17

We had a great day at the last stop of the tour! Nyköping has not been included on SOT for a while so it was the first time at this location for the majority of our participants.

It’s a nice feeling, driving in totally unknown trails, not really knowing what obstacles to come and to be allowed to get a bit lost and take a break from the outside world. In beautiful sunny weather and with great friends it’s a day well spent.

In total 21 vehicles driving, enjoying both the slow pace 4×4 style in the enduro trails or flying on the cross track with UTV. The forest is a cosy mix of embracing firs and partly bare rock faces plus the gravel trails in between. It looks narrow, but on a quite dry day like this it’s amazing to see large cars navigating gracefully in between the obstacles. The rocks also gave the possibility to go around, finding alternative routes where needed.

Thank you all for this year!