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Oskarshamn Greppek part II – Day 9

The second day and what a treat! The rock climbing is something extra when you have the whole day to spend, you can spend an hour on the same rock finding every possible (an impossible) angle to get that perfect climb.

Get lost, the area is actually large enough that on the second day straight you still haven’t learned to find your way. As our Danish friends say “we may get lost, but not stuck” perfectly sums up the day.

Some drivers went home yesterday, and some new joined but all together it was a smaller group driving today. Everyone here enjoying the drive fully.

Tomorrow we have a day off from offroading, but for those who wants we will drive as a group the last bit to Kumla on a rout less traveled, more scenic and enjoyable.

Tonight we enjoy another calm night, cooking out and taking advantage of the cosy fire pit provided by the club. Big thanks to Solkustens AWD for this two day stay.