600 photos from SOT 2020

Over 600 photos published on www.swedenoffroad.com Photos

Little over exciting 600 photos from 25th Sweden Offroad Tour 4-19.7 2020 are now published on www.swedenoffroad.com Photos!

The photos are taken by Anders Forsell, Frida Ericsson (Xoffart) and Stefan Nyblom.

If you have photos or links of SOT that you want to reach out bring them to facebook.com/swedenoffroad or peter.ojerskog@outlook.com

Check out if you and your vehicle are on the photos!

SOT 2020 had 45 % more cars, ATV and UTV than last year. 26th Sweden Offroad Tour goes 3-18.7 2021. Program and map published 1.12 2020 on www.swedenoffroad.com and facebook.com/swedenoffroad

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