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Jeep’s new Grand Wagoneer

Jeep presents new Grand Wagoneer after three decades

The old classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer production ended in 1991. But after three decades it is time for a new generation of this American icon! See Jeep’s own presentation on:

POSITIVE: The new Grand Wagoneer is a hybrid SUV with both combustion and electric motor.  Not only environmentally kind but also with performance like a sports car and the torque comes immediately.

The SUV has no less than seven displays!

NEGATIVE: There is NO recemblance to the classic Grand Wagoneer in the exterior design. Not even some fake wooden panel would help… The grill is actually classic Jeep with seven vertical ribbons, but the classic Grand Wagoneer never hade that. The pillars are in body colour, not blacked out which is the trend now. The tires are low profile onroad tires. But as Jeep says: Grand Wagoneer owners do not drive offroad, they drive to the golf course. The price is a whopping 100.000 USA dollars making it the most expensive Jeep so far.

Maybe it is better to buy a classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer from Wagonmaster. A company that restores these SUV:s to mint condition. See: