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Hummer back with EV pickup

General Motors relaunches Hummer with all electric pickup

Sensationally General Motors relaunches Hummer with an all electric and extremely technically advanced pickup. Some of the features:

* Three electric motors giving 1000 horsepowers! 0-60 miles per hour in 3 seconds. Whatch out Ferrari!

* Air suspension that can be liftet an additionall 6 inches for offroad driving.

* 4 wheel steering for lesser turning radius. But rear wheels can be turned same way as front wheels making the pickup go diagonally sidways! Can be usfull when passing narrow obstacles.

* Cameras underneath the chassie make you see all obstacles when offroad driving!

Plus a lot more features. Four doors, open roof, front headlight ramp the width of the vehicle very similar to new Jeep Grand Wagooner. GMC Hummer EV, Hev, will be sold in 2022.