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The Sweden Offroad Tour 3-18.7 2021 program/map published

Today December 1 2020 we as tradition publish the program and map for 26th Sweden Offroad Tour 3-18.7 2021 on . Please inform your offroad friends about SOT 2021.

The tour will be 16 days on 16 different offroad areas. New area for 2021 is SOT Hamre-Hedemora Thursday 15.7 2021. It is the first time an official offroad meeting is held at Hamre motor track.

Free camping is also allowed on most offroad areas the night before the SOT day. Something that participants have asked for. Observe there are normally no water or electricity service.

You can win four Cooper STT Discoverer offroad tires worth up to 1500 EURO/15000 SEK. All participating drivers are automatically part of the SOT lottery.

We try to raise the quality of SOT to get more participants. We try to have food, toilet and marked easy trail/area for new beginners in original 4×4 cars at every offroad area.

We will work hard with our social media; and tour . Thanks to social media SOT had almost 45 percent more participants last summer than the previous year.