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Hedemora SMK Motorstadium – Day 14

Wow, what a beautiful location for a driving area. Placed in a valley, with trails up and down the hills under a mixed leaf and fir cover.

This year is not the same location as the previous years even if close, just the other side of Hedemora. The new area was prepared just as good with trails clearly marked: green, yellow and black. The green (aka E4), went through the whole area, allowing you to choose if and when to go on harder or rough obstacles which made it easy to go in groups.

In the morning all drivers new to the location went out as a convoy, driving the E4 to get a understanding of the area. The trails that it is much sand and gravel in steep and side tilts was dry and gave a great grip to drive. After lunch we had some rain and the conditions was directly something else, tires slipping and cars winching where they earlier drove easily.

The club had prepared for a lottery where AD bildelar sponsored with three great prizes. A modest 27 cars registers for the day, but we can’t wait to come back to this location. For nature and offroad combined this is really one of the great ones.

Next stop is in Uppsala, hope to see you here!