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Säter Aspnäsvanan – Day 13

Säter is a really versitle driving area including forest trails, a technical obstacle course, motor cross tracks and water passages. The old motor cross trail beeing the favorit for many, enjoying the challenge in finding different ways and directions to climb the steep slopes.

40 cars and ATVs registered. As yesterday this is more drivers than on the same locations last year. And also it’s been a really good mix of both local drivers and the groups that has been driving with us for some days.

It have been some rain over the last days so the ground was not to dry, and it was defiently challenge added by the mud layer covering the trails.

Tomorrow we drive in Hedemora, note that it’s not the same location as last year – we are back at the SMK Motorstadium next to rout 70. Hope to see you here!