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Vånga Gravel pit – Day 4

It might be a bit smaller area, but entertaining and the best place to spend a Monday. Long steep slopes in abundance, and they are all in sand. That’s a challenge that some love and others fear for the height.

It’s also a perfect place for beginners, the sand is nicer to the vehicles then then slippery rocks. It’s also extra great as Maskin & Fritid had CF Moto demo machines with them for interest in testing in a real offroad environment.

Extra fun to see the overlanding concept meet the offroading, with both camper and car plus trailer out in the trails with us.

We were expecting rain in the afternoon, but we were spared that and blessed with a tad cooler weather than yesterday. Again we had a great number of participants, 55 cars and ATVs which is about the same number as here last year.

Tomorrow we will be driving in Karlshamn, such a lovely place, hope to see you there!