7-23.7 2023

swedens greatest offroad event 28th year

Program 2023

1. Friday July 7

Osby (confirmed). Offroad: Offroadbanan (The Offroad Track), 6 km north west of Osby, just south west of Vanstad, signs from Jonstorpsvägen (Jonstorps road). Now twice as large offroad area.

There will be burgers served for lunch at 1 PM, let us know at the drivers meeting if you are interested.

Partner: offroadbanan.se. 5 Jeep Grand Cherokee can be rented for offroad! +46 (0)705-337 200 . Camping allowed on offroad area. Commercial camping: Luhrsjöbadens Camping, by lake Luhrsjön, 3 km south west of Hästveda, by road 23, 12 km north north east  Hässleholm,+46 (0)451-304 15. Hotel: Vita Hästen, +46 (0)725573495, www.vita-hasten.com

2. Saturday July 8

Hästveda. Offroad: Sågbacken, 500 m south east of Hästveda, by east entrance to Hästveda, 12 km north east of Hässleholm. Large forest with trails, hills, mud holes and free driving area. This springs new trail ’Stölleprovet’ is the local favorite! No ATV allowed. 

Gulash soup with creme fraiche and crispbread will be served for lunch.

Partner: www.hfrc.se. Access to water, electricity and air compressor. WC and shower in the cloubhouse. RC crawler models are welcome. Camping allowed on offroad area 1-5.7! 

Commercial camping: Luhrsjöbadens Camping, by lake Luhrsjön, 3 km south west of Hästveda, +46 (0)451-304 15. Hotel: Vita Hästen, +46 (0)725573495, www.vita-hasten.com.

3. Sunday July 9

Hässleholm. (confirmed) Greenlaining with start at Mölleröd. Departure 10 AM – do not be late!

Hässlehol repeats the success from last year! 100 km of varied roads; gravel roads, trails and tracks. Only street legal vehicles that can drive 70km/h. One stop for lunch and the day ends back at Mölleröd.

Partner: hlmk.com . Camping allowed on the offroad area. Commercial camping: Luhrsjöbadens Camping, by lake Luhrsjön, 3 km south west of Hästveda, by road 23, 12 km north north east  Hässleholm,+46 (0)451-304 15. Hotel: Vita Hästen, +46 (0)725573495, www.vita-hasten.com.

4. Monday July 10

Kristianstad (confirmed). Offroad: Vånga gravel pit, 5 km north of Vånga, at the northern tip of Ivösjön (lake Ivö), 30 km north east of Kristianstad, SOT signs from Vånga. 56 11´54.8772”N  14 22´47.2472”E.

There will be possible to get lunch on site, the BBQ is ready around 12 and will serve sausages. 

Maskin & Fritid from Karlskrona will attend with their CF MOTO CForce 625 4×4 demo machine, which provides you the perfect opportunity to try driving ATV!

Camping allowed on the offroad area Sunday through to Tuesday as there are no camping allowed in Karlshamn. Commercial camping: Söndremarks Camping, on island Ivö, +46 (0)44-520 94, free car ferry.

5. Tuesday July 11

Karlshamn (confirmed). Offroad: Paradise offroad area, by race track Hokabanan (Ö Hoka), 10 km north east of Karlshamn, just north of E22, departure Karlshamn.

Beautiful forest hill with leaf trees, lots of trails, granite slopes and swamp. No ATV. No 6×6. Camping not allowed on offroad area. Commercial camping: Kolleviks Camping, by the sea, 3 km south east of Karlshamn, +46 (0)454-192 80. 

6. Wednesday July 12

Växjö (confirmed). Offroad: Bergunda, former military area, designated trails and partly free driving area. Most iconic local trail are the steep rocks in the power line.

Food service on site.

Trailers and visitors parks at the old club house, only offroad vehicle and campers allowed on the new parking area.

Commercial camping: Evedals Camping Växjö, 6 km north of Växjö by lake Helgasjön. +46 (0)470-63034.

7. Thursday July 13

Värnamo (confimed). Offroad: Ulås, by road 27, about 3 km southeast of Värnamo E4/road 27 crossing, turn off at Ulås and follow SOT signs a couple of km. Requirements: fire extinguisher, seats and seat belts to be used for all people in the car.  

Partner: Värnamo Jeepklubb. Camping allowed on the offroad area. Commercial camping: Värnamo Camping, by lake Prostsjön, in central Värnamo,  +46 (0)  370 166 60  

8. Friday July 14

Oskarshamn. Offroad: Greppek, south of the city, by E22, departure E22 Oskarshamn S, circa. Huge offroad area – 27 hectars = 27 football fields –  with free driving everywhere.

Bring a fire extinguisher with you in the car/ATV.

Partner: solkustens-awd.se. Camping allowed on the offroad area. Commercial camping: Gunnarsö Camping, by the sea, just south of the centre, 0491-882 00.

9. Saturday July 15

Söderköping (confirmed). Offroad: Olerum, 7 km south of Ö. Ryd, 15 km south west of Söderköping, N 58°21’25.9 E 16°15’41.3. Sweden’s largest and most varied private offroad area; now even more endless forest trails, open fields, granite mountain, mud holes, technical course.

Partner: olerumoffroaders.nu. Camping allowed on the offroad area. Commercial camping: Skeppsdockans Camping, 1 km north of Söderköping, by E 22, +46 (0121-216 30.

10. Sunday July 16

Eskilstuna. Offroad: Gröndal Motor Stadium, 3 km west of Eskilstuna, E20 departure 129 to road 56, SOT-signs from the roundabout. Large free driving area. Requirement: solid roof or roll bar mandatory on cars.

Partner: SMK Södermanland.  Camping allowed on offroad area. Commercial camping: Mälarbadens Camping, by lake Mälaren, north of Torshälla/Eskilstuna.+46 (0)16 34 31 87.

11. Monday July 17

Kumla (confirmed). Offroad: Brändåsen, departure 106 at crossing E20/road 50, south of Kumla/Örebro. Forest trails, open fields, mud holes, mud race track, technical obstacles.

Partner: offroad-trailer.com. Camping allowed on the offroad area, 1 cabin with 6 beds for rent, +46 (0)70-99 99 510. Commercial camping: Djupadalsbadets Camping, east Kumla, +46 (0)19-58 86 83.

12. Tuesday July 18

Ludvika (confirmed). Offroad: Björnhyttan, same parking area as before but new terrain, 7 km west of Ludvika, follow signs to Gonäs, follow Gonäsvägen westward. Forest trails. No ATV. Requirement: fire-extinguisher.  

Partner: ludvikams.se. Camping allowed on the offroad area, but note that the parking area is limited which can make it tricky to park caravans. Commercial camping: Räfsnäsgården, 5 km south east of Ludvika. +46 (0)70-380 92 66, (0)70-514 15 06, (0)240-148 15, www.rafsnasgarden.se

13. Wednesday July 19

Säter (confirmed). Offroad: Aspnäsbanan motor track, 3 km west of Säter. Motor arena with free driving everywhere: forest trails, mud holes, swamp, moto cross tracks.

Partner: satersmk.se. Camping allowed on the offroad area. Commercial camping: Säters Camping, by lake Ljustern, south west Säter, +46 (0)225-509 45.

14. Thursday July 20

Hedemora. Offroad: Information presented later.

15. Friday July 21

Uppsala. Offroad: Rörken. On North side of road 288 Northeast of Uppsala, by the city’s garbage dump. Huge and varied offroad area. SOT price this day: 200 SE/20 EURO per vehicle, club members 100 SE. But insurance must be bought by ALL participants in/on the vehicle. 200 SE per person.Nor cash or swish accepted, only credit/bank card. Driving allowed until 22.00 as compensation. https://www.facebook.com/groups/475849109170196

Cars must have roof or roll cage. Technical rules in Swedish: http://smkuppsala.se/offroad/rorken/tekniska-regler-for-bilkorning-pa-rorken

16. Saturday July 22

Strängnäs (confirmed)Offroad: Sandlycke, 10 km east of Strängnäs, by E20 departure 138 (Åkers Styckebruk). 2 kilometres long open power line with free driving plus forest trails.

Camp is NOT possible on site.

Partner: smac.nu offers offroad driving for beginners in their Wranglers, read more on their site: http://www.smac.nu/utomhus/jeep/

Commercial camping: Löts Camping, by lake Mälaren, east of Strängnäs, +46 (0)152-252 37.

17. Sunday July 23

Nyköping (confirmed). Offroad: Svansta Motor Stadium, just north east of Nyköping, north of E4, signs from east depature to Nyköping.

Free driving in varied terrain, plus The Long Trail around the stadium plus winding moto cross track. 

Partner: Nyköpings MS. Club house with restaurant, toilets and shower. Camping allowed on motor stadium. 

Commercial camping: Strandstuviken Camping, south east of Nyköping, by the sea. +46 155 978 10, www.strandstuviken.se

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Need more information? Contact Peter Öjerskog, organiser since 1995, as per below details.